What is the role and benefits of Security mesh screen

Security mesh screen is a relatively powerful stainless steel wire, using superb high-strength alloy wire mesh weaving technology. Basically, each of them is interlaced through a relatively rigorous test of stainless steel mesh. To a great extent has enhanced the ability to cut. It completely realizes the advantages of no obstruction, no depression, and bright and natural indoors.

Nowadays, diamond screens are widely used in the market. High-quality diamond mesh is made using electrostatic spraying.

Security mesh screen is a kind of high-strength stainless steel wire, using superb high-strength alloy wire mesh weaving technology, each of which is interwoven with stainless steel mesh that has passed strict standard tests, greatly enhancing the ability to prevent prying and shearing. The human-oriented structure design realizes no blocking feeling, no blocking feeling, no depression feeling, and keeps the room bright and natural at any time, which is both ventilation and anti-theft.

The security of Security mesh screens can be divided into three aspects:

Fastness: A thick and stable frame can play the role of fixing the diamond mesh, a more tightly sealed outer frame can better prevent prying, increase the difficulty of the theft of tools, and extend the protection time. The thickness should be at least 1.4 to 2.0mm. Aluminum alloy profiles.

The hardness is strong, and the diamond mesh is dense and thick. It is difficult for thieves to find the entry point in the gauze, so it is more difficult to pry open. The core structure of the anti-theft screen is a high-density thickened diamond mesh profile. It is said that it can resist more than 1 ton of resistance. Better imported mesh can even resist more than 2 tons.

Security mesh screen can meet the requirements of anti-theft well in terms of material and accessories firmness, and it can block out ultraviolet rays to give people a more comfortable and secure feeling. At the same time, it is simple, beautiful and fashionable, which can better meet people's needs in all aspects.

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